Friday, March 19, 2010


Wow, there's a lot in the next two chapters that I really, sadly, relate to. Like Wormwood mentions in chapter 3, I say things that aren't bad in and of themselves, but it's how I say it. So many times the way I've stated my words have been so harsh and unkind that I might as well have said something completely horrendous in my verbiage. It's incredible how this book gives a fresh perspective on how the spiritual realm can/does affect and view our lives. It sure does makes you think twice about things.

How Wormwood describes feelings in chapter 4 on prayer is something that I may be guilty of. Trying to make myself feel how I'm praying. I can see why that's so dangerous because of the focus change it does to you. Instead of focusing on the Lord and his promises, we focus on how we feel and start to base our prayers on that, which could even lead to getting mad at or blaming God because he hasn't made us feel right in our prayers. Sad indeed. It really opens your eyes to how patient, gracious, faithful, and loving our God is!


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Cowgirl_E said...

Wow Tiff, great thoughts. I really agree with you...I am constantly saying stuff with a certain tone that makes it so mean! And you're right...this book really does make me see things in a whole different light! wow.

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