Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chapter 1 & 2

So now it's my turn to give you some random thoughts... :)

1st Chpater:

One of the things that really stood out to me was the fact that one of the demons' tactics was to make words and ideas seem ambiguous and obscure. That way, the person does not think of the meaning behind the ideas or words and is able to believe in many different things without coming to an actual conclusion of what he really believes or is saying. I was also made aware of how important logic and argument (in the good sense) really is! God created those things and they all point to Him! So when people start connecting that logic with the Creator, that's when it becomes the 'dangerous' thing. And so another tactic that Screwtape and the others like to use are what I would call the more-important-distractions. Things that seem more important to us at the moment than discovering the truth. And that's exactly how Screwtape gets one of his persons to continue to be an Atheist. Instead of letting him dwell on thoughts that could lead him to the Enemy, Screwtape distracts him by putting into his head that going to get lunch is more important and the actual 'real life' things like that than thinking about truth (or even ideas that would lead to truth). And so Screwtape's person continues to be an Atheist and has a dreadfully fatal end (in the fullest sense of the word!)

2nd Chapter:

In the second chapter, you find that Wormwood's person had actually, horrors of all horrors, become a Christian! But what's interesting, is that Screwtape doesn't really seem to find that too much of a problem. Of course, he chides his nephew for letting it happen, but it's as if he rather likes that Wormwood's person has become a Christian, because of all the things that are in their favor to get him back. Especially since he's such a 'young' Christian and has all these particular ideas of how Christianity should be, and of course the Church (not the spiritual one, mind you) helps greatly in spreading these ideas.

Isn't it amazing the perspectives this book gives you?? Wow! I can't wait to read more! This is certainly an exciting adventure for sure!


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